Jeffersonville Hydroelectric is a small renewable energy producer in the foothills of the Catskills about 25 miles west of Monticello, NY, in Sullivan County.

The Basics About Jeff Hydro

  • It’s on the East Branch of the Callicoon Creek.
  • It’s at the foot of the dam at Lake Jefferson.
  • The dam was built in 1927; it is 22 feet high.
  • Jeff Hydro has 2 turbines: one has a 25-kilowatt capacity; the other has a 45-kilowatt capacity, for a total of 70 kw.
  • A killowatt is 1000 Watts. The average power consumption, over a year, of a household in the United States is about 8,900 kilowatt-hours.
  • Jeff Hydro is now using only its 25-kw turbine. That’s enough to power the power house (residence) and the public radio station, WJFF 90.5 fm, next door.
  • Jeff Hydro is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).