General project description

Jeffersonville Hydroelectric Company, Inc.

4759 State Route 52 (Main Street)

Jeffersonville, NY 12748




Owners: Kevin J. and Barbara A. Gref

4759 State Route 52 (Main Street)

Jeffersonville, NY 12748

Project location including nearest town(s), river system, etc.

Sullivan County, NY – Catskills Region

Latitude (degrees): 41.7775

Longitude (degrees): 74.9253



East Branch of the Callicoon Creek, Sullivan County, NY

Delaware River Basin

Drainage area: 30 sq. mi.

Main dam and any auxiliary dams (no auxiliary dams)

Dam Height: 22 ft.

Dam Crest Elevation: 1086.24

Length of Dam: 220

Flashboards installed: No – provisions for 2-foot high flashboards, not installed

Project Works

Type of Dam

Type 1: Gravity

Type 2: Masonry

Type 3: Concrete

… with Ogee Spillway

Hydrologic Data:

PMF (cfs): 16,000

IDF (cfs): 9020 @dam. From D2SI-NYRO dambreak analysis)

100-yr flood (cfs): 5730 (extrapolated from downstream USGS gage)

Date maximum flow (flood of record): 6/28/06, featuring an est. 7,800 – 12,500 cfs* at

dam and spillway (4 inches over topping the dam, aka, the corewall)

* the exact cfs is in dispute and should be resolved.

Minimum flow required: run of river

Spillway(s) including stilling basins

Uncontrolled spillway length: 130 ft.

Uncontrolled spillway crest: 1080.46 msl

Reservoir Data

Surface area: 30 acres

Pool Elevation (msl)

Max: 1080.46 msl

Normal: 1080.46 msl

Minimum: 1080.46 msl

Reservoir storage: Run of River

Maximum: 350 acre-feet

Normal: 350 acre-feet

Boat restraining barrier: Yes


Number of powerhouses: 1

Constructed 1986, non-integral, hydraulic capacity 55 cfs, tailwater elevation

70.2, gross head 22 feet.

Conveyance systems (penstocks, tunnels, surge chambers, flumes, canals, inverted

siphons, including control, regulating, and pressure relief devices, etc.)

Number of penstocks: 1

Underground steel penstock 70 feet long with a 3-foot diameter

With a bifurcation, 25 feet long with a 2-foot diameter to the second turbine

(no canals, no tunnels, no locks, no gates of any type)


Purpose of Project

Generation of electricity

Authorized Generation capacity: 70 kW (as limited by turbines)

Number of generating units: 2 (one 45 kW; one 25 kW)

Generators: 1 x 56kW (Baldor Electric) limited to 45kW by turbine; 1 x 52 kW

(Stamford Newage) limited to 25 kW by turbine.

Turbines: 1 x 60 HP (est) and 1 x 33 HP (est) (Newfound Power)


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